A commitment to invest in our talented sector professionals

Posted By: Dawn Dowden For Good Connections,

As a new member of the Together SC Board, I love seeing the interweaving of our sector and how this network is built.

One thing I can already tell is that it takes all of us. True networks that engage and support one another are not built by staff alone.

It also takes bringing your whole self to the network and putting yourself out there. So here’s a bit about me and why I’m volunteering with Together SC:

As COO at Homes of Hope in Greenville, I’ve spent 15 years working in the nonprofit sector and knowing the good we can do. I also experienced that good firsthand when, as a single mother with three young boys, I walked through poverty and homelessness.  

I love that we are seeing more people with lived experience in nonprofit leadership. And so many of us are women doing it all and often on our own. That’s why I’m committed to helping ensure we can make a meaningful living.

Just like any other business, nonprofit organizations must offer competitive compensation and benefits if they wish to recruit talented professionals. Having both lived experience and talent is an incredible combination worth the investment.  

Together SC’s 2022 Compensation & Benefits Report provided an eye-opening assessment of current offerings. And we’re not stopping. We have partnered with the Employers Network to dig deep into Benefits Trends for 2024. The survey will open in November, and the findings will be presented in February at the Summit. Organizations with a July fiscal year will have plenty of time to incorporate findings in budgetary planning. 

Finally, we all need current stats on our sector’s economic impact to share with elected officials and others. Thanks to Sam Cooper and his team at USC Upstate, you can now access current numbers. 

Please join me in a commitment to invest in our talented sector professionals!  They are worth it!

Committed with You,

Dawn Dowden