Compensation & Benefits Survey Plans For FY24

Posted By: Mary Dell Hayes Benefits of Membership, Together SC Alerts,

Together SC wants our nonprofit members to have access to much-needed, up-to-date data on compensation and benefits.

Toward that end, we are partnering with Employers Network (EN) of Spartanburg and committing to research and report the data nonprofits need long-term.

EN was formed in 1959 to provide central, easily accessed resources for its members, originally upstate corporations. They are funded primarily through membership dues and fees for services, including seminars, classes, custom training, research, publications, and consulting. EN now serves employers of all types and sizes in South Carolina. They are the perfect partner with their long-standing expertise in compensation and benefits research. 

Additionally, we are contracting with the College of Charleston Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Center for Livable Communities to help analyze the survey findings and prepare needed reports. 

Here's what's planned:

  • 2024 Benefits Survey and Report - Winter 2023 -2024
    • The benefits survey will be open from November to January 2024. 
    • Findings will be presented at the 2024 Summit in February.  
  • 2024 Compensation Survey and Report - Spring - Fall 2024

In the meantime,  contact Mary Dell Hayes with questions. Her email is