Group Retirement Plans

Together SC is partnering with Mutual of America to offer its members affordable group retirement plan options.


Mutual of America will waive the organization's administrative fees (from $1,500 from $3,000) to help make establishing and maintaining a full-service retirement plan more affordable. Plus, plans can be set up to allow employee participation without requiring an employer contribution. Meaning member organizations can offer this savings tool to their employees with little or no expense for the organization. 

Employees save by putting aside funds on pre-tax basis every pay period, and their investment grows tax deferred! So, there are benefits to employees even if the organization can not match their conrtibution, initially.

And, employees can contribute as little as $5 per pay period, making this savings program a great first step for everyone. 


This program is open to Together SC member organizations with as few as two employees. Together SC's consultant partners are eligible as well.  Current Together SC members who are already Mutual of America clients may also opt-in and receive the fee waiver.

Whether you already offer a retirement plan, or if you are thinking of starting one, Mutual of America can help you design a start-up plan that meets your objectives, or provide a thorough review and evaluation of your current plan.

For many organizations, this has resulted in reduced costs and an increased awareness of the retirement savings options available to them. 


Mutual of America has provided quality retirement products and services since 1945 to more than 19,000 nonprofit organizations nationwide.  Mutual of America’s salaried representatives (no commissions) are working with Together SC to join the more than 19,000 plan sponsors currently using Mutual of America as their retirement plan service provider. You will receive personalized service on-site at your location to help you and your employees save for a more secure future. Their services include:

  • Retirement Plan Evaluation
  • Diverse Choice of Investment Options
  • Interest Accumulation Account
  • Participant Education
  • Fiduciary and Compliance Support
  • Plan Administration Support and More

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Are you interested in exploring options to help your employees meet their retirement savings needs?

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