Advocacy Allies

Peer Networking to Amplify Your Voice

Advocacy Allies at Nov. 2019 Gathering

Together SC seeks to harness the collective power of its member organizations who are advancing the greater good through public policy and advocacy efforts by establishing an Advocacy Allies network to facilitate peer to peer engagement.


  1. To help Advocacy Allies participants learn together and address the unique challenges and operating concerns that advocacy organizations face.
  2. To help advance state legislators’ understanding of the nonprofit sector and issues of importance.
  3. To engage philanthropic partners in collaborative advocacy efforts.

FY20 Objectives

  1. Organize November (it as fantastic!) and June gatherings for Advocacy Allies to learn together and address legislative and policy issues
  2. Host periodic zoom calls for Advocacy Allies to provide peer to peer sharing of knowledge and expertise
  3. Begin Inventorying and sharing tools and resources
  4. Engage leaders of nonprofit subsector advocacy efforts
  5. Provide input into and offer support for Together SC’s public policy priorities
  6. Offer Advocacy Allies opportunities to build relations with state elected officials. Research engaging with SC Legislative Caucuses.

Upcoming Events

  • Jan 10, 2020 Zoom Call – Review bills pre-filed for the session / priority issues / Advocacy days at the Capital / Census resourcs / and Power Mapping How-To.
  • March 13, 2020 Zoom Call
  • May 15, 2020 Zoom Call
  • June 18, 2020 Gathering - At Sisters of Charity Foundation
  • Nov / Dec 2020 Gathering - Recognize legislative champions / Welcome newly elected legislators

Participation and Investment

  • The initial priority will be to engage Together SC’s nonprofit and philanthropic member organizations who undertake significant state level public policy and advocacy work, (i.e., organizations that take the H election on their IRS form 990). 
  • Outreach will focus on senior level professional staff responsible for state level policy work. Questions will be used to help participants determine fit. (use to begin to creating inventory)
  • There will be no charge to belong in year one.

Leadership Structure

  • Each year Together SC will invite a diverse team of experienced advocacy professionals to help lead the Advocacy Allies. They will be responsible for program planning and providing overall direction for the Advocacy Allies.
  • They may be invited to represent the sector by attending key advocacy events together with Together SC as the opportunity arises.
  • They will be asked to participate in periodic planning calls and an annual planning meeting. Together SC will aim to fully staff Advocacy Allies efforts..

Advocacy Allies Leadership Team

Jamie Moon
Jamie Moon
President Institute for Child Success (864)373-3872
Bernie Mazyck
Bernie Mazyck
President & CEO SC Association for Community Economic Development
GP McLeer
GP McLeer
Executive Director South Carolina Arts Alliance
Chynna A. Phillips
Chynna A. Phillips
Director of Research and Policy Sisters of Charity Foundation of SC 803-254-0230ext24
Amy Splittgerber
Amy Splittgerber
Executive Director Healthy Learners (803)465-6115
John Tynan
John Tynan
Executive Director Conservation Voters of SC Education Fund
Ann Warner
Ann Warner
CEO Women's Rights and Empowerment Network