Carolina Leadership Seminars

Program Design 

Since 2016, Carolina Leadership Seminars (CLS) has established itself as a trusted, multi-faceted leadership development program designed exclusively for nonprofit executive directors. Over 150 SC executive directors have participated since the program's inception. 

Sisters of Charity Foundation of SC provided the initial grant funding, inspiration, and support for the first three years. They continue to host our gatherings and often join to share their insights.  We also appreciate the scholarship support provided by SC First Steps, United Way of the Midlands, Central Carolina Community Foundation, Duke Energy and other partners.  

Each cohort is limited to 30 - 40 participants who engage in candid and confidential discussions with peers regarding their organization’s current performance and their personal leadership challenges. 

 A unique curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of executives participating in every session.

All sessions offer practical tools and actionable insights to improve your leadership, help you effectively steward your organization, and increase your impact.

Focusing on what you need to know -  whether it's the challenges of starting a new job, governance concerns, crisis management, or race equity issues - these timely subjects are all a part of this comprehensive learning opportunity.  


Our Facilitators

The Weathers Group (TWG) provides creative, interactive learning opportunities for participants to address current organizational and leadership challenges in a confidential, open-dialogue learning environment and brave space. 

TWG's Founder, Charles C. Weathers, MBA, is a nationally known speaker, writer, and consultant who is a recognized expert on nonprofit leadership, organizational effectiveness, and performance improvement.  The TWG Team has assisted hundreds of South Carolina organizations with developing new strategies for innovative change.  Co-Facilitating with Charles are TWG Associates, including executive professionals who are experts in adult learning, management, and leadership development.  

Program Details
  • 2024 Session Dates: Aug 9, Sept 13, Oct 4, Nov 1 and Dec 6
  • Five monthly sessions on Friday from 10 am - 2 pm, including lunch
  • Past session topics are listed below. 
  • Please be sure you can attend all sessions before registering.
  • The Sisters of Charity Foundation of SC will host our gatherings in the first-floor education room at 2711 Middleburg Drive, Columbia, SC.
  • The cost of this opportunity is $500. 
  • The application period for the 2024 cohort will open in early spring 2024. In the meantime, please fill out the interest form.

Past Session Topics

The Board/CEO Relationship: Teamwork From the Top

The relationship between the Board and the CEO can make or break an organization. High trust, understanding, clarity, and accountability are just a few traits that can strengthen this vital relationship. During this session, participants learn to identify approaches that ban nurturing meaningful relationships with their Board, as well as recommendations on repairing a damaged Board/CEO relationship.  

Leading Through Effective Communication

People frequently complain about a lack of communication on the job or in relationships and the inability of others to communicate. We have found that there is rarely a LACK of communication but a lack of understanding about the many factors influencing communication. So how do we transform our dysfunctional communication styles into effective and productive interactions with others?

Through this session, participants will be equipped to communicate effectively and pointedly with various individuals and groups and better prepared to maintain composure in challenging situations.

Cultivating a High-Trust Culture

According to Stephen M. R. Covey in his critically acclaimed book, The Speed of Trust, trust is more than an admirable social virtue. It is a quantifiable, hard-edged economic factor that impacts daily decisions and results. This session highlights the value of developing high-trust relationships and the cost of low-trust relationships.

Leaders who cultivate and maintain high-trust relationships are much more likely to experience success in life, both professionally and personally.

Navigating Organizational Change

Organizations that navigate change have a greater chance of remaining relevant, viable, and competitive. Your ability to navigate change will contribute to your success as well as the success of your organization.

This session allows participants to explore approaches they can employ to recognize better and navigate organizational, economic, social, and political changes.

Celebratory Lunch with Board Chairs and Funders

Board chairs and chairs-elect are invited to join participants for a day of shared learning, lunch, and conversations with funding partners.

2023 Carolina Leadership Seminars Cohort

2023 Carolina Leadership Seminars Cohort
  • Alana Grant

    Alana Grant

    Executive Director, Richland County Public Education Partners

  • Alexis Pipkins

    Alexis Pipkins

    Executive Director, Lee County First Steps Partnership

  • Amy Jenkins

    Amy Jenkins

    Executive Director, Junior League of Charleston, Inc.

    View Profile


  • Barbara Derrick

    Barbara Derrick

    Executive Director, Smokefree SC

  • Beverley Francis-Gibson

    Beverley Francis-Gibson

    CEO, Together Women Rise

    View Profile


  • Erniko Brown

    Erniko Brown

    MA, GCDF, Master Gardener

    Founder & Executive Director, Organized Uplifting Resources & Strategies (OURS)

  • Fedrick Wilson

    Fedrick Wilson

    Executive Director, South Carolina Respite Coalition

    View Profile


  • Jace Woodrum

    Jace Woodrum

    Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union of SC Foundation

  • John Browne

    John Browne

    Executive Director, Vital Connections of the Midlands, Inc.

    View Profile


  • Kathryn Martin

    Kathryn Martin

    CEO, Melanated Melon

    View Profile


  • Kayla Williams

    Kayla Williams

    Executive Director, Automotive Service Assistance

  • Keisha Stewart

    Keisha Stewart

    Executive Director, Infinite Possibilities Inc

  • Leah Wicevic

    Leah Wicevic

    Executive Director, Sistercare Inc.

    View Profile


  • Lekesha Benson

    Lekesha Benson

    Executive Director, The NOLA Network

  • LuLu Cameron

    LuLu Cameron

    Executive Director, SC 4 Restorative Justice

  • Megan Temple

    Megan Temple

    Executive Director, The CARE House of the Pee Dee

    View Profile


  • Melinda Waddell

    Melinda Waddell

    Executive Director, The Manna House

    View Profile


  • Melissa Barrett

    Melissa Barrett

    BA from CofC in Communication Studies, M.Ed from UF Gainesville in Elementary...

    Founder , Lowcountry Center for Academic Equity

  • Monica Jeffcoat

    Monica Jeffcoat

    CEO, Helping Hands, Inc.

  • Nathan Rowland

    Nathan Rowland

    MD, PhD, FAANS

    Associate Professor, MUSC Medical Center

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  • Ralph Hayes

    Ralph Hayes

    Executive Director, Dorchester Two Educational Foundation

  • Randolyn Harmon

    Randolyn Harmon

    Executive Director, Nicholtown Child and Family Collaborative

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  • Rebecca Lyman

    Rebecca Lyman

    Executive Director , Abbeville County First Steps

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  • Samantha Kriegshauser

    Samantha Kriegshauser


    CEO, Adult Enrichment Centers

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  • Santasha Highley

    Santasha Highley

    Executive Director, Greenwood County First Steps

  • Scottie Hill

    Scottie Hill

    Executive Director, Trent Hill Center for Children and Families

  • Sierra Garland

    Sierra Garland

    Executive Director, HEART Inclusive Arts Community

    View Profile


  • Silvino Escareno

    Silvino Escareno

    SC Hispanic Outreach

  • Sumner Bender

    Sumner Bender

    Executive Director, Nickelodeon Theatre

  • Shawn Caraballo

    Shawn Caraballo

    Palmetto Place Children's Shelter

  • Tracey D Pressley

    Tracey D Pressley

    Director/CFO, CMDs Pantry

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  • Wayne Brown

    Wayne Brown

    Executive Director, New Vision Community Development Corporation

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  • Charles Weathers

    Charles Weathers

    MBA,, Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP)

    Founder & CEO, The Weathers Group

    Lead Facilitator

  • Carmen Landy

    Carmen Landy

    Certified Professional and Executive Coach

    Founder & CEO, Landy Dynamic Solutions

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  • Desmonies White

    Desmonies White


    Programs & Operations Manager, Together SC

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    Participant Support Contact

  • Madeleine McGee

    Madeleine McGee

    President/CEO, Together SC

    View Profile


    Together SC President