Guiding Principles & Best Practices

Guiding Principles & Best Practices for South Carolina NonprofitsIssuing the fourth edition of our Guiding Principles & Best Practices (GP&BP) in 2017 is a great way to celebrate twenty years of service to our state's nonprofit sector.

This publication continues to be rooted in extensive work done by our state's most respected nonprofit leaders, professional advisors and volunteer experts.

It incorporates best thinking about nonprofit effectiveness and aims to inspire greater accountability, dialogue, continuous learning, and strategic decision-making among nonprofits board members, executives and staff.

The Guiding Principles are considered by many to be an excellent tool for organizational self-assessment, board and committee planning, as well as measuring progress and celebrating accomplishments.

Such assessments are also the first step in preparing to apply for the state's prestigious Award for Nonprofit Excellence in Governance and Management.

With this edition, Guiding Principles & Best Practices continue to be organized in nine specific focus areas critical to effective nonprofit leadership and management:

  1. Governance
  2. Strategic Direction & Partnerships
  3. Leadership & Organizational Culture
  4. Communications & Advocacy
  5. Legal Accountability & Transparency
  6. Financial Management & Stewardship
  7. Fundraising
  8. Operations & Planning
  9. Evaluation

We invite you to download PDFs of the GP&BP and Legal Compliance Checklist for use with your organization.  Business, Philanthropic, Association and Academic Partners are all invited to use the GP&BP with grantees, clients, members and others.


Download Legal Compliance Checklist

Together SC’s ultimate goal is that, through widespread adoption of these principles and practices, South Carolina nonprofits will have a positive impact on their communities, remain relevant, achieve sustainability and operate with accountability, all the while preserving the trust and confidence of the public, whose continued support is critical to the sector’s vitality.

To learn more, please contact staff or download the 4th edition of our GP&BP today!