Employee Assistance Program

Together SC has started a partnership with First Sun EAP to offer their Employee Assistance services to our member organizations. Employee Assistance Programs can be a helpful tool in keeping your staff healthy, happy, and importantly, working with the nonprofit organization. 

These services will be offered to member organizations enrolled in the EAP:

Workplace Services:

  • Consultation and referral services to legal and security partners for employee termination, ADA, disability, workers’ comp, harassment and the like.
  • Unlimited consultations regarding workplace concerns such as employee tardiness and absenteeism, disciplinary problems, employee performance and productivity, employees with substance use concerns, co-worker conflicts and workplace violence.
  • Assessment, referral and case management of all management-referred employees by senior EAP consultants.

Counseling Sessions:
Three (3) face-to-face, telephonic, video, chat or text counseling sessions free each contract year. Counseling regarding, but not limited to, relationship conflict, stress, coping with change, grief and loss, family and marital issues, adjustment disorder, depression, anxiety and domestic violence. Unlimited assessment and referral services are available to all callers.

Life Management Services:
Three (3) sessions of life management services per person per contract year for:

  • Financial Consultations
  • Legal Services and Documents
  • Elder and Adult Care
  • Parenting and Child Care
  • College Resources
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Pet Care
  • Health and Well-being Resources
  • Work and Career Development
  • Home and Life Resources

Promotion & Training:

  • Free on-demand recorded employee orientations and manager orientations
  • The Well-being and Training Center offers live monthly personal and professional growth webinars and a library of recorded webinars. There are also personal and professional Growth Courses with certificates.


  • Website with articles, assessments, self-tests, videos, forms and guides

Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to offer this program to our members at $3 per employee/month. This is a ~70% discount available only to Together SC members. Upon enrollment, Together SC will bill the member organization for the program on an annual basis, prorated through June 30.

Renewals will be billed annually on July first. 

If you are interested in enrolling your organization in the plan, please fill out the form!


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