25 Years and Still Loving Operations

Posted By: Jeffrey Fleming For Good Connections,

I love all things about nonprofit operations, especially ways to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and colleagues' job satisfaction.

Even after 25 years as COO at Palmetto Project, I find I'm constantly learning from my peers in the Operations Peer Network.

That's why I'm honored to work with our forward-thinking Ops Leadership Team and serve as this year's chair.

Our team's goal is simple - to offer our Ops colleagues the most rewarding engagement opportunity of any Together SC Peer Networks!

Not that we're competitive or anything, but since the mid-August launch of the Listserv Groups, over 200 members have signed up, and over 55 Ops folks are already engaged. 

So, on behalf of your seven Leadership Team chairs, I invite you to join us for our Sept 7 Call to Join our Community. We'll each share how we hope to help you and your colleagues build your network of peers. 

BTW, if 25 years sounds overwhelming to those of you just starting out, it may help to know that I love this work as much as I did in year one.

Want to hear why? Sounds like a good question to ask on the Operations Peer Network Listserv Group. Another shameless plug to join us.

Your Ally for Good,

Jeffrey Fleming

Together SC Operations Network Leadership Team Chair
Chief Operating Officer, Palmetto Project, Inc.