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Introducing Your Peer Network Dream Team

Together SC announces consultants supporting its peer networks


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Engaging Boards - virtually or in-person!

How do we re-engage board members, as we consider going back to in-person meetings?


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What is the Deal with Coaching?

Charles (The Weathers Group) and Patrick (The Jinks Perspective), two of Together SC’s most trusted and in-demand business partners, share their insights on benefits of coaching for nonprofit executives.


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For Board Members!

Together SC offer resources and services for community leaders and nonprofit board members.


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From Awareness to Allyship - Milliken leaders tackle unconscious bias

Milliken leaders share DEI efforts to uncover and address unconscious bias


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Past Together SC Calls Recordings and Resources

Below is a chronological list of previous Talking Together with nonprofit and philanthropic leaders calls. We welcome you to view, listen, save, and share as you deem appropriate. Talking Together with Nonprofit Leaders: Your Board WANTS to Engagewith Patrick Jinks, The JINKS...


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Democracy is Messy (reflecting on the 2020 election)

“Democracy is messy, and it’s hard. It’s never easy.” — Robert F. Kennedy As I sit at my desk this morning, the autumn leaves are changing color outside my window and, in the background, I can hear the volatile 2020 United States general election playing out...


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Our Collective Call to Action for Race Equity

Recognizing the Covid-19 pandemic’s disproportionate impact on minority communities and our current awakening around the issues of racial and social injustice, Together SC is undertaking an aggressive approach to educating, empowering and equipping nonprofit leaders to tackle systemic racial...


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Leading Through Crisis: The Nonprofit Series

Allies for Good: As we now extend our new reality, life with COVID-19 and beyond, there is much that we still don’t know or understand. What is clear is that we are in a time unlike any other. In that spirit, we have started a blog series to share some insights and recommendations that are...


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What Robert's Rules Say...

Robert's Rules of Order: For over a century, it has been the favored authority on meeting procedure for non-legislative deliberative bodies in the United States. There are others, but when most people think of motions and ayes and noes, the name Robert comes to mind before all others. Some love...


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