2023 Carolina Leadership Seminars

Posted By: Charles Weathers Learning Together,

Being a new nonprofit executive director involves more than assuming a new position. 

Charles Weathers

It's the start of a new journey. A journey filled with opportunities, challenges, surprises, detours, growth, and enlightenment. It's a journey that is enhanced and enriched when you have companions along the way. 

Carolina Leadership Seminars (CLS) offer an opportunity for new executive directors to walk alongside companions. 

This shared experience was created specifically for new execs to provide support, encouragement, resources, and knowledge to help you navigate the path ahead.  Known for the curated content, deep dialogue, and real-world exercises, CLS is recognized as a space for new execs to exercise vulnerability, challenge themselves and each other.

If you're a new nonprofit execs, or know of a new execs, please consider applying for, or sharing this opportunity with someone who can benefit from being a part of the Fall 2023 cohort

Having served as the facilitator since its inception five years ago, I have watched CLS evolve and it's always exciting to connect with graduates who still speak of the impact and difference this experience continues to have on their leadership journey. 

Today's a good day to enhance your leadership journey - make CLS part of your next steps. 

Your ally for good,

Charles C. Weathers Sr. 

The Weathers Group

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PS - Please fill out the inquiry form if you are interested in participating in our 2023 Carolina Leadership Seminar Class.  If selected, you will be notified of your acceptance into the program. Apply today!