Get a discount on next year's dues with auto-pay!

Posted By: Benjamin Bullock Member News, Together SC,

Have you ever said to yourself, "I would like one less invoice in my life!" or "I would like my organization's Together SC membership to renew itself each year"? Do you love to cook with your RonCo Rotisserie Oven

Well, Together SC is about to make this happen! We now have the capability for members to set up "Auto-Pay" for membership renewals! If you set-up Auto-Pay, then when your membership is up for renewal, we'll let you know 30 days before it's due that we'll charge your dues to your credit card, and then 5 days later, it's a done deal! Membership renewed, and you don't have to worry about fussing with an invoice and getting a check in the mail. 

All you have to do is:

  1. When Renewing - Find your renewal invoice in Member Compass, under "Pay Balance". Fill out the information to pay your current renewal dues, and click the check boxes "Save Card for Future Payments" and "Auto Pay Future Membership Renewals". 
  2. Joining for the First Time? - When you are prompted to pay your dues, enter your payment information and check "Save Card for Future Payments" and "Auto-Pay for Future Membership Renewals". 

To sweeten the deal, we are giving a 10% discount on next year's dues for members who enroll in Auto-Pay.

Concerned about security? No worries, your credit card data will live on Intuit Payments' secure servers, and Together SC's staff do not have access to it.

I like to think Ron Popeil would approve.

Have questions or need help setting it up? Email me at and I'll be glad to help!

Benjamin Bullock,
Director of Operations,
Together SC