Reflect and Celebrate

Posted By: Trimease Carter For Good Connections,

February has rolled in, and with it comes a special time for honoring Black history and also reflection.

It's a time when we reflect on the incredible journey, the triumphs, the struggles, and the immeasurable contributions of Black individuals throughout history.

I would also like to take this time to reflect on my journey as a Black non-profit leader. This journey has come with many challenges, wins, and lots of learning about myself, the sector, and the community.

Currently, I have the pleasure of serving as the chair of the Black Nonprofits Leadership Group peer network.

The network aims to create space for Together South Carolina’s Black members to increase their impact within the non-profit and philanthropic sectors while being affirmed, supported, and encouraged.

Throughout the year, the network offers culturally humble learning opportunities, convening, and workshops.

Through the work of this network, I get to connect with professionals working within the sector at different points in their careers and hopefully have an impact on pushing them forward.

While there are many ways to reflect and celebrate this Black History Month, I encourage you to reflect and celebrate yourself, your peers, and your community.

Also, take the time to recommit to the work of uplifting, supporting, and continuing the work of Black Non-profit Leaders in your organization and across the sector as a whole. 

Your ally for good,

Trimease Carter, LMSW

Central Carolina Community Foundation

Together SC Chair of the Black Nonprofit Leaders Group