2024 Carolina Leadership Seminar

Posted By: Charles Weathers For Good Connections,

The Hostas are blooming in my yard.

I love the way they emerge, unfold, and expose their beauty. Each one has a different way of welcoming spring. Each one tells a story of new life in its own way.

Since 2016, Carolina Leadership Seminars (CLS) has similarly nurtured the growth and development of nonprofit executive directors across South Carolina.

Like the Hostas in my garden, our program has seen over 150 executive directors unfold their potential and blossom into impactful leaders.

I'm delighted to extend a personal invitation for you to join us in this transformative journey this Fall.



CLS has been made possible through the generous support of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of SC, who provided initial grant funding, inspiration, and ongoing support for our gatherings.

Our program is designed exclusively for nonprofit executive directors, offering a safe space for candid and confidential discussions with peers about organizational performance and personal leadership challenges.

With each cohort limited to 30-40 participants, you'll have the opportunity to engage deeply with your peers and our expert facilitators.

Speaking of facilitators, our team at The Weathers Group (TWG) is dedicated to providing creative, interactive learning experiences tailored to your needs. Led by myself, Charles Weathers, MBA, along with other TWG Associates who are experts in adult learning, management, and leadership development, we're committed to guiding you through every step of your leadership journey.

Here are some program details for your consideration:

  • 2024 Session Dates: Aug 9, Sept 13, Oct 4, Nov 1, and Dec 6

  • Time: Five monthly sessions on Friday from 10 am - 2 pm, including lunch

  • Location: Sisters of Charity Foundation of SC, 2711 Middleburg Drive, Columbia, SC

  • Cost: $500, Scholarships Available

Our past sessions have covered a range of topics vital to your success as an executive director. From fostering strong board/CEO relationships to navigating organizational change, each session equips you with practical tools and actionable insights.

I encourage you to mark your calendar for these dates and prepare to embark on a journey of growth and learning.

The application is open for the 2024 cohort.

I look forward to welcoming you to Carolina Leadership Seminars and witnessing your growth as a leader.

Your Ally For Good,

Charles Weathers

Founder, The Weathers Group