Quinn Hayes Helps Us Honor George Floyd

Posted By: Madeleine McGee Facing Race Together,

It was the day an 8:46 minute video of the unthinkable brought America face to face with the racial injustices that pervade our country. 

Is it a day that your heart remembers? We hope so.

George Floyd was killed that day, and every mother, sister, father, daughter, brother, parent, activist, advocate, and every human being in every nation rose to take note of yet another injustice we were forced to watch live.

He was not the first, and sadly he will not be the last. In honor of humanity, we remember all the beautifully slain names of color today.

We remember by sharing an anthem that rose out of personal trauma that one of our own experienced soon after Mr. Floyd's death. 

Quinn Hayes wrote her anthem, entitled I Dare Thee America, to share the feelings of African Americans and advocates everywhere. Her historical rendition of her America pointently conveys the enduring anquish of being Black in America. We must listen.

Quinn has been a leader in Together SC's Taking Action Cohort this past year, We have learned much from her and thank her for speaking up and sharing. Her passions are deeply rooted in equity, in the power of words, and in changing the trajectory of children through art.

We share her words with you today to honor George Floyd’s sacrifice, to honor the work our country and many of you have done this past year, and, most importantly, to inspire us all to do more. 

Together SC, alongside others, is committed to, and values, the work we have yet to truly do.

Let us take action in learning…together.

We invite you to listen to Quinn's voice and see through her eyes - I Dare Thee America

More About Quinn C. Hayes

Quinn Hayes is the Founder & CEO of the Weight of Words Society (WOWS). She is also the Creative Director of the Young Writers Society (YWS), a program of WOWS. She formed both in 2020 after her own traumatic experience and seeing the impact of social unrest in communities.

Her program now serves as a key community cornerstone and platform for young or inspiring writers and artists. YWS & WOWS enable writers and artists to craft, celebrate, and orchestrate their deferred dreams into actualities both hoped for or achieved.

AN INVITATION: Come celebrate alongside Quinn and community stakeholders as they dedicate a Children’s Pocket Park in honor of John E. Moore on June second.

Quinn will be signing of her Community Coloring Book, creating in partnership with the Auntie Karen Foundation, the Door Home and other key partners.

This event will take place at 11am on June 2nd at Ames Villa Apartments behind building 13 located at 5779 Ames Rd. Columbia, SC 20203.

Please call 803-846-7628 for more information or to RSVP.