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About SC Service Leaders

Vision: To ensure that all individuals, regardless of economic standing, have the ability to combat South Carolina’s most pressing community challenges through participating in an AmeriCorps SC program.

Mission: To provide need-based scholarships, emergency financial support, and professional development resources to individuals who have committed to serving in a term of service with a South Carolina-based AmeriCorps program.

Overview: SC Service Leaders is creating an ecosystem of service in which every person, from all economic backgrounds, has the opportunity to serve and can begin to realize their full professional and civic potential. We believe that a term of service is a transformative experience and that everyone who wants to serve should have the opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately, the AmeriCorps living allowance does not provide the same level of financial support as it once did, and more common than not, AmeriCorps Members must access savings or work additional part-time jobs in order to make ends meet.  This economic reality significantly decreases the number of individuals that view national service as a viable option, and does not allow for equity among individuals from low-income communities to participate in AmeriCorps programming.

SC Service Leaders also believes that AmeriCorps service is a stepping stone to civic and professional leadership. Thus, in addition to the “on-the-job” skills, insights, and work-ethic that AmeriCorps Members gain during their term of service, steps should also be taken to connect Members to top-tier professional development networks that can help them further leverage their abilities to make a lasting impact.

Strategy: To increase the ability for all persons to have an opportunity help address pressing community needs, and also grow their personal and professional qualities by serving in an AmeriCorps SC program, SC Service Leaders will implement the following:

  1. Administer an annual fellowship program that will provide financial scholarships, as well as professional development opportunities to individuals who demonstrate financial need and who wish to participate in a term of service with an AmeriCorps SC program.
  2. Provide an opportunity for current AmeriCorps SC Members to apply for in-service financial assistance to help address unexpected financial challenges that arise during their term of service.


Apply to Become a SC Service Leaders Fellow

The 2020/21 fellowship class has been selected.  Please check back in summer 2021 to review information on how to apply to become part of the 2021/22 fellowship class.


Apply for In-Service Emergency Assistance

Unfortunately, in-Service Emergency Assistance Funds have been exhausted for the 2020/21 program year.  South Carolina Service Leaders hopes secure additional funding for the 2021/22 program year.


For more information, please contact Brent Kossick, SC Service Leaders Co-Chair, at

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