Philanthropic Partners Call: Funding Racial Equity and Social Justice

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)

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Talking Together with Philanthropic Partners: Race Equity and Social Justice Grantmaking

Join philanthropic leaders from Duke Energy Foundation, UNUM/Colonial Life and the Sisters of Charity Foundation as they discuss the challenges, discoveries and rewards of their newly established grantmaking efforts in the racial equity and social justice arena. Understand the “why” behind their change in focus to prioritize this work and how each navigated their internal and external journeys.

Following this introduction attendees will break into small groups to discuss the following:

  • Share your foundation's grantmaking experience in the racial equity and social justice arena.
  • How can the philanthropic sector ensure that our grantmaking process is accessible to grass-roots organizations and others with limited grant making experience?
  • How can the philanthropic sector ensure that there are human resources in South Carolina to help nonprofits navigate social justice work?
  • How can grantmakers maintain racial equity and social justice as a priority so it doesn’t become diluted over time?

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Guest Speakers:

Amanda Dow, Duke Energy Foundation, Shareholder Manager

Alana Stroker, UNUM/Colonial Life, Corporate Social Responsibility Program Manager

Donna Waites, Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina, Vice President of Programs

David Platts
David Platts South Carolina Arts Commission
Langley Shealy
Langley Shealy Steering Committee SC Grantmakers Network

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Madeleine McGee
Madeleine McGee
President/CEO Together SC (803)929-0399x11


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Fullerton Foundation, Executive Director

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