Removing Our Blinders: A Year After George Floyd's Murder - Do You See Now?

Thursday, August 12, 2021
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)
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Category: Removing Our Blinders

Forrest Alton was born and raised in a small town in Upstate New York, spent more than two decades in South Carolina, and is now a resident of Memphis, TN. Forrest's personal experiences and lessons from every step of that journey have helped to inform his passion, values, and work.

In addition to his own personal experiences, he is also a big fan of Simon Sinek and his work around “starting with why”—both at the personal and organizational level. In nearly every client engagement with 1000 Feathers, Forrest and his team trace conversations back to this very fundamental and foundational place. What is the purpose or cause that drives you? Like Sinek, they are believers that it is only when individuals and organizations know the answer to this question, at a deep level, that they can find clarity and fulfillment.

Clarity and meaning are needed to help guide us through challenge and success, through grief and celebration, and to help us understand when we must stand up and speak out for the things we believe in. In this moment, even standing up and speaking out feels insufficient and short of action. In other words, our organizational statements on race, equity, and inclusion are not enough. We have to push further, develop a clear understanding of our purpose in this world, be willing to listen with the intention of more clearly understanding the challenges being faced by our brothers and sisters of color, remove our blinders, and most importantly, be courageous enough to do something about what we see and hear.

A year ago Forrest posted a message on Facebook in response to the murder of George Floyd. So much has happened in our country in the twelve months since and we are continually reminded of how much work is left to be done. Forrest's powerful post ultimately became a blog on the 1000 Feathers website. He often goes back to reread the post as a way to reflect and check in on his own learning. 

Please give it a read before we gather for Removing Our Blinders.

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