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Jessica Cohen is a Believer, Solutionist and Mother of one who was born and raised in Charleston, SC. She was a student-athlete in college and played basketball at the University of North Carolina Wilmington before transferring to Coker University where she received her Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and Master’s in Collegiate Athletic Administration. She is currently working on her Doctorate of Public Administration at California Baptist University and delights in the prospect of attending a faith-based institution that incorporates her moral principles in the teachings of the discipline she feels called to engage in.
In her spare time, she enjoys seeing the world through her son’s eyes, engaging in competitive games with friends and family and like a true “Instagram foodie,” eating with her eyes and taking pictures of aesthetically pleasing dishes. If she’s not laughing, she’s smiling and if she’s not smiling, she’s laughing. She strives to bring joy to every environment she enters and revels in the opportunity to engage in meaningful progressive conversations.
Suitably she is the Chief Strategist and Owner of Spark Solutions, a coaching and consultation agency that stands up for the dignity and progress of purposed efforts; with an affinity to serve the ministries carried out as nonprofit organizations, businesses, and faith-based entities. Spark Solutions helps to lay the groundwork for community development by identifying potential, providing industry insights, and crafting tailored strategies. Spark Solutions aims to help community leaders and change agents who desire to elevate their advocacy at a level that brings real, impactful generational change.
Services Include:
- Social Branding Blueprints
- Community Tilling Workshops for Public and Elected officials
- Strategy Plans for Community Leaders
- Social Impact Plans
- Communication Messages
- Impact Tracking
- Issues Mapping


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