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Organization Overview

Speakman Management Consulting specializes in facilitating the development of effective plans, partnerships, and people. While we have national experience, we specialize in services for organizations in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Our services include:
• Non-profit merger and strategic restructuring
• Collective Impact/ Strategic Collaborative Initiatives
• Strategic planning and implementation
• Facilitation of retreats and other working sessions
• Leadership and Board Development, Training, and Coaching
• Fundraising and revenue development suppport
SMC approach to Collaborative Strategic Planning
SMC’s approach includes:
• Experienced facilitation and a collaborative approach that engages key stakeholders in developing consensus and cooperation.
• Expert consulting to guide and counsel leadership in creating and implementing the ’right’ vision and strategy.
• Maximizing the resources of all stakeholders.
• The active involvement of those who will implement the plan, providing them agency and ensuring their commitment to and focus on the execution of the plan.
• A proven track record in developing effective “SMART” plans that produce immediate, tangible, and desirable results. (SMART = Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timebound)
• Strategies to address systemic issues impacting equity and inclusion.
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