Kintsugi Consulting, LLC

14 Queensbury Drive Greenville, SC 29617

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Consultant Collaborative

Member Since: 2023

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Organization Overview

Kintsugi Consulting, LLC was brought to life in 2020 as I noticed an opportunity to bring my passion for disability education, inclusion and accessibility to a variety of communities and organizations.

The name Kintsugi (kin-sue-ghee) has significant meaning for me, and I chose the name due to the symbolism it holds. Kintsugi is the Japanese tradition and art of mending broken pottery. The cracks created when something is broken are filled with gold or silver so that the item can still be used moving forward. This art form encourages growth, acceptance of flaws, and the opportunity to see the beauty in diversity.

I believe that organizations and communities have the opportunity to do more, do better, and make significant strides in ensuring that individual with disabilities are represented and supported in a way that provides accessible accommodations to all. Diversity and inclusion are what makes an organization stronger. Let me be the gold that mends the cracks of your organization to create one that can grow from mistakes or missed opportunities while enriching the culture and services being provided to include those within the disability community. People with disabilities are not flawed or broken, but the services which are provided often leave them out and can make them feel excluded.
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Rachel Kaplan

Independent Disabilty Consultant and Project Manager