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Organization Overview

Financial Solutions for Not-For-Profit Organizations
Key Features and Benefits
• Address resource constraints by automating manual, paper-based activities
• Help reduce operating costs and enhance controls with purchasing card and financing
• Improve service levels by simplifying the collection and disbursement of funds and related
• Gain access to flexible credit and short-term liquidity solutions to make the most of limited donations.

Solutions and expertise to help you focus on your mission
Your Not-For-Profit organization is guided by a higher mission. While improving and enriching the lives of individuals and communities, you may also face real-world financial and operational obstacles that affect your ability to collect funds, manage cash and deliver services.

Chase provides connected banking and cash management solutions to help lower operating costs and maximize funding wherever your organization has a presence.

Integrated financial services
Select products and services tailored for Not-For-Profit organizations include:
*Credit Services — Empower your organization with lines of credit, term loans and letters of credit
*Collections — Leverage a combination of Chase Business Online, lockbox and credit card processing services to accelerate the collection or transfer of dues, donations and conference registrations
*Payables — Optimize payment strategies to lower costs, improve working capital and improve operating efficiencies
*Fraud Protection Services — Protect your organization from unlawful or unauthorized activity
Online and Mobile Tools — Powerful banking, cash management and reporting tools on your PC and mobile device
*Payment Solutions — Point of sale and online credit card, debit card and alternative payment processing

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