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Organization Overview

FGP has served as a strategic partner, providing people solutions for the nonprofit, philanthropic, and community impact sector for over 20 years. We understand what it takes to lead and support a nonprofit organization and we are committed to helping build passionate and purpose-driven teams in South Carolina and across the country. Our platform of services are designed to help you find exceptional mission-focused talent, while intentionally focusing on building, sustaining, and scaling your organization.

FGP provides three main services to support nonprofit and philanthropic growth and enable community impact:

1. Search & Staffing: Whether you are in need of a values-aligned support person or a passionate executive leader, we can help you find and onboard exceptional talent. This includes Board of Directors, Program Directors, Grant Managers, Team Leaders, and functional support to enhance your operations.

2. Strategy & Mission: We know long-term strategy is essential to the future success of any nonprofit or philanthropic organization, and FGP can help with purposeful development. FGP can assist with business planning & strategy, problem solving & solution development, and innovation & mission-centered processes.

3. Organizational Development: A thriving organizational culture matters to both your internal team and external stakeholders, ultimately facilitating growth and sustainable community impact. FGP specializes in governance and policy development, organizational assessments, succession planning, executive coaching, training, and a variety of employee and community engagement programs.

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Eleanor Dunlap

Executive Organizational and Talent Consultant

Kelly Weissmann

Nonprofit Executive Search Consultant

Kristy Lysik

Nonprofit Executive Search Consultant

Robyn Ezzell

Manager, Non-Profit Executive Search Practice

Steve Hall

Vice President