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ABOUT US - Capital Consultants.
"Identify and Secure Government Rebate and Incentive Programs" for our clients.

Interested in a fully funded government program that provides employees with a significant number of health-related benefits, PLUS a retirement program for all participants, PLUS puts money in the pockets of Employers and is FREE for participants? This is just one of the over 1100 Government programs that are in the IRS regs now. The forgivable PPP Loans and ERTC refunds were just the tip of the iceberg.

Award winning designer of Revenue Accelerator Programs. Merging decades of Engineering, Executive Sales and Professional Speaking has empowered Brad to structure these successful Accelerator approaches.

With over 40 years of high level professional and consulting experience, Brad has "always brought in the Revenue for his Clients."

Access Communications Group, Inc. Founded 2001
Over 1700 Non Profit participants have been personally trained in the Access Group's process, resulting in significantly increased revenue.
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Brad Zaba