What's New in Nonprofit Member Benefits?

Posted By: Benjamin Bullock Together SC,

The Together SC Summit served as the center of our work for a number of years. COVID-19 forced us to reevaluate how we can best meet the needs of our nonprofit members. We surveyed and interviewed current and lapsed members, reviewed other state nonprofit associations, and reflected on trends in the nonprofit sector. What we've learned is leading us to updating our dues and benefits structure to create a system that will more effectively serve our diverse network of members. 

Our initial findings helped us identify: 

  • Dues for our Nonprofit Members have not been changed in more than 10 years and should be structured more simply and equitably.  
  • Members will often not utilize their benefits because they are not aware of them. 
  • Members appreciate support and guidance on changing trends and ideas in the sector, but need continued technical assistance for fundamentals and sound practices. 
  • Members are looking to each other for professional networking and development, not just for executives, but for all staff.

What should you expect from your Together SC membership in the future: 

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