Video-Conferencing - Getting it Right

Posted By: Madeleine McGee Benefits of Membership, Together SC Alerts,

Dear Allies

As many of you know, a recent call with Congressman Cunningham was "zoom-bombed."

Despicable images, words and sounds were shared.  Fortunately, this happened while we were admitting folks to the call and before the program started. Regardless, we know the content was harmful and hurtful. The views expressed are antithetical to our personal and professional values. We have filed reports with Zoom and the City of Charleston Police Department. 

Early on, Togther SC chose to continue with Zoom based on Zoom’s major security upgrades and a review by Forbes that said it was still one of the safest platforms. After nine weeks of several Zoom calls a week, we were lulled into a false sense of security. We did not implement the additional levels of security and precautions we could have / should have for such a high profile event. 

We have immediately implementing more stringent controls for all video calls:

    • Passwords will be required
    • Participants will be admitted from the waiting room individually and must be identifiable by their name and organization.
    • Participants who are not so identified, will not be admitted to the call. Video will also be more strongly encouraged.
    • Participants will be muted and will not be allowed to unmute themselves
    • Participants will not be allowed to screen share or annotate.
    • Planned Speakers will be made co-hosts so that they may share and unmute

Such calls will not be posted as events on Facebook, and we may reconsider even sharing on social media.

For video calls with public officials when we expect more that 100 attendees, registration will be required and handled through the video conference call platform.

Thank you for your understanding.