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Video-Conferencing - Getting it Right

Dear Allies As many of you know, a recent call with Congressman Cunningham was "zoom-bombed." Despicable images, words and sounds were shared. Fortunately, this happened while we were admitting folks to the call and before the program started. Regardless, we know the content was harmful and...


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Letter to the Together SC Membership

Hello Allies. Together SC knows the CovidÔÇÉ19 pandemic has had a financial impact on many, if not all, of our members and the broader nonprofit community in our state. Your Together SC team has been working hard to provide you with as many resources as possible to help get you and your organization...


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One SC Fund Activated

One SC Fund Activated To Fund Statewide COVID-19 Response Efforts Funders across South Carolina collaborate to design expedient, efficient, and equitable use of funds Columbia, S.C. (March 20, 2020) –The One SC Fund, housed at Central Carolina Community Foundation, has been activated...


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Looking to Lead Together SC?

March 25, 2020 - A quick update. Thank you to the 50+ individuals who have completed the form letting us know of your interest in serving with Together SC. We realize most of you submitted your form before the COVID-19 pandemic was upon us. Our world has changed. We know you need to focus on...


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Removing Blinders

Dear Allies,In a few weeks, I will take the Summit stage to welcome you as we aim to Face Race Together. Before doing so, you need to know that I will be learning with you.I am a product of the segregated South. My great grandfathers include Confederate soldiers and a signer of the Article of...


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New Login! Here's How.

Welcome to our new website! We have a brand new look and updated technology in an effort to better serve all our members. Because this is a new system, the way members will log in has changed, and all members will need to reset their passwords! What's new? There's quite a few...


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