This is not who we are

Posted By: Madeleine McGee Speaking Together,
"We at Together SC believe in our democratic system and the upholding of free and fair elections. We believe that our communities benefit when all people are able to participate in the democratic process. 
Democracy is at the core of who we are and what we aim to achieve as nonprofits leaders. 
We strongly condemn the violence that unfolded at the US Capitol today. We trust that our civil society will prevail." 
As I watched thousands of pro-Donald Trump protesters storm the Capitol, I was shaken. We are all shaken by what happened. Today's events are a national tragedy.
Thankfully, our SC delegation is safe and a number have condemed what happended as reported by The Post and Courier.
As we grapple with what to do or say, what we know is that we can not remain silent. To remain silent is to condone this behavior. 
None of us has a solution today large enough to meet the magnitude of this moment, but as a community we can find comfort and a path forward in our care for one another.
We know even in the midst of surreal events you are still finding food for the hungry, sheltering the unhoused, delivering meals to seniors, educating kids, advancing our quality of life and otherwise carrying on with the business of advancing community life.
You are grace in the world. You are the muscle of our democracy. 

From all of us at Together SC, we’re thinking of you. Thanks for all you do.
Madeleine McGee
Together SC President