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When I look at how my career in the nonprofit field has evolved, Together SC has always been part of the journey.
My first introduction to Together SC was through the Career Center. I would scour the listings for opportunities and learned so much about the organizations working to empower and engage our state in the process.
As I attended Together SC's regional membership meetings (back in the days when we gathered in person), my network expanded and I built stronger relationships with my colleagues.
I learned how to improve outcomes and honed my executive administration skils by attending the Nonprofit Summit and other learning opportunities.
So, when Madeleine and Ben asked me to work with the team on our membership model, it was impossible to say no.
I've gotten so much from Together SC and this is an opportunity to help enhance that experience for our sector.
If your organization's membership has lapsed, or is up for renewal, look for an email from me in the coming weeks.  
As part of your renewal process, I am eager to hear from you.
  • What do you appreciate most about Together SC?
  • What you would like to see change?
  • What value do you expect from your membership?
  • What's not working and if anything is holding you back from renewing your membership?

If you aren't sure when your membership renews? Click here to check.  

Your renewal invoice is generated 30 days in advance, but if you need a new copy or want to get a headstart and request an invoice, email Ben.

I'm really excited about the opportunity to connect with you and learn more from your experience as a member of Together SC.
You can reach me at:
Let's connect soon. 
Mary Dell
Mary Dell Hayes
Together SC Membership Coordnator
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Mary Dell Hayes
Mary Dell Hayes
PS: I'm working on this part-time, so give me a day or so to get back to you.