Removing Blinders

Posted By: Madeleine McGee Together SC Alerts, Facing Race Together,

Dear Allies,

In a few weeks, I will take the Summit stage to welcome you as we aim to Face Race Together

Before doing so, you need to know that I will be learning with you.

I am a product of the segregated South. My great grandfathers include Confederate soldiers and a signer of the Article of Secession. My ancestors benefited from the enslavement of others and I from systems of white privilege. 

Yet, my life’s work has clearly revealed that most societal conditions we as nonprofit leaders work to address are caused by underlying systems of racial discrimination and inequity. 

Perhaps you've been like me, afraid to totally remove the blinders. 

Or, you may be deep in this work already. 

We will each bring our own perspective and experiences to this gathering. Our reciprocal learning experiences will expand our understanding. With you, I want to understand how we remove the barriers that keep so many from moving forward.

Come as you are, open and optimistic. The wide array of sessions will help us each figure out what we can do to make change happen - as individuals, as nonprofit organizations, and as communities.

Through journaling, a decompression space, music and artistic celebrations, tours, wellness activities, thoughtful conversations and safe spaces, the Summit offers you an accepting, supportive and positive learning environment.

Join me on this journey toward racial equity and leaving the world, and South Carolina, better. 

Your Ally for Good, 

Madeleine McGee

President, Together SC