Proof of Vaccination Not Required

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Last week, Governor McMaster signed H.3126 into law. While much attention was given to the bill’s primary action - banning vaccine mandates for public employers, it also bans “vaccine passports”.

Here’s what’s in the bill:


Ban on Vaccine Mandates

  • Public Employers (counties, cities, agencies, school districts, public universities) may not require COVID vaccines as a requirement for employment (or for students).

  • This applies to contractors and third-party vendors as well - public employers cannot require those contracted to be vaccinated either.

  • Those impacted by federal mandates must submit certain paperwork to the state.

Banning Vaccine Passports

No entity which provides “public accommodation” - public or private - can utilize vaccination status as a requirement for entering facilities or participating in services if that entity is “supported by state action”.

  • “Places of Public Accommodation” is defined broadly and includes hotels, restaurants (wherever food is sold for consumption on premise), clinics, retailers, movie theaters, any place of entertainment, and more. 

  • “Supported by State Action” is more specifically defined as any business that requires state or local permits or licenses to operate.

Bottom Line: If your organization/venue requires state or local permitting or licensing, then you are not permitted to require proof of vaccination to enter the facility, or participate in programs.

Go Deeper: Read the bill to see all of the specifics.

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