Rep. Mace Introduces Legislation to Strengthen Link Between Nonprofit Sector and Federal Govt

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May 12, 2023


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McCollum, Mace Introduce Legislation to Strengthen Link Between Nonprofit Sector and Federal Government
Nonprofit “Stakeholders Engaging and Advancing Together (SEAT)” Act Will Enable Nonprofits to Better Serve Our Communities

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN-04) and Congresswoman Nancy Mace(SC-01) have introduced the Nonprofit SEAT Act (H.R. 3245) to strengthen the nonprofit sector and its relationship with the federal government. The legislation will improve access to data about the nonprofit sector, and leverage the mission, knowledge, and impact of thousands of nonprofits to work together more effectively in pursuit of shared goals.

“Nonprofits provide $24 billion in wages to Minnesota workers, employing 14 percent of those in the private sector—which is why it is so important that the nonprofit sector has a seat at the table when it comes to federal policymaking,” said Congresswoman McCollum. “The nonprofit sector’s unique ability to harness and direct the generosity, service, and volunteerism of the American people benefits all of us, and just as small businesses have the SBA to facilitate access to federal resources, so too should the nonprofit sector enjoy this level of support. I’m pleased to join Rep. Mace in reintroducing my legislation to help nonprofits and the communities they serve.”

“The bipartisan Nonprofit SEAT Act recognizes the valuable role nonprofits play in shaping public policy at the federal level,” Congresswoman Mace said. “By giving the nonprofit sector a seat at the table, we can ensure their unique perspectives and expertise are considered in federal decision-making, while also ensuring they have access to the resources they need. There are a number of federal resources available to nonprofits, and it is encouraging to know they will now have help facilitating access so they can continue their great work making a difference in their local communities.”

The bill text can be found here. Find the full list of more than 450 supporting organizations here.

Nonprofit leaders from Minnesota, South Carolina, and across the country lend their support for theSEAT Act:

“The nonprofit sector operates in uniquely complex and highly regulatory environments that only people who have experience working in nonprofits really understand. We need that knowledge at decision-making tables, to ensure policies are effective, efficient, and ultimately benefit communities that nonprofits serve. We’re grateful to Minnesota’s own Rep. McCollum for continuing to be a champion for the nonprofit sector, and Rep. Mace and other elected leaders in demonstrating bipartisan support for nonprofits that work tirelessly to support communities especially during times of crisis.” -Nonoko Sato, Executive Director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits 

“The Nonprofit SEAT Act offers the opportunity for collaboration and mutual benefit between the Federal government and the nonprofit sector, ultimately benefiting communities across the country. The introduction of this bill reflects more than a decade of work by Rep. Betty McCollum, who has a long history of championing issues of importance for nonprofits and foundations.” -Susie Brown, President, Minnesota Council on Foundations

“When sweeping laws are passed to address large-scale issues, without input from the nonprofit community, a critical opportunity to connect with those closest to the exact issues they may be trying to address is missed. Nonprofit leaders bring a historic and contextual understanding of the many nuances that exist when striving to address a problem within society. I am excited that our very own Representative Mace is increasing access for nonprofits to have a voice in the decision-making process.” -Donna Waites, President, Sisters of Charity Foundation of SC

“We are thankful to Rep. Mace and McCollum for introducing the Nonprofit SEAT Act, which will greatly help nonprofit organizations across South Carolina and throughout the country work more cooperatively and efficiently to serve their communities. This SEAT at the table will ensure that the voices that nonprofits represent can be heard at the highest levels.” -Madeleine McGee, President & CEO, Together SC 

“I want to express my gratitude to Rep. Mace and Rep. McCollum for introducing The Nonprofit SEAT Act. Recovery efforts from recent natural disasters are an immediate and painful reminder that better coordination between the federal government and nonprofits can have a critical impact on the lives of real Americans. The Nonprofit SEAT Act would strengthen the 1.8 million nonprofits that already help virtually all Americans and represent 5.6% of the GDP, and it would improve the way government and charities work on the ground in communities across the country to support people in need.” -Dr. Akilah Watkins, President and CEO, Independent Sector

“Governments at all levels depend heavily on charitable nonprofits to provide essential services to constituents, yet the pandemic only exacerbated longstanding problems caused by antiquated grantmaking and contracting systems. The Nonprofit Stakeholders Engaging and Advancing Together Act of 2023 recognizes that charitable organizations need to have a voice at the federal level to solve those problems that range from the lack of awareness about the size, scale, and scope of charitable nonprofits in American life, to incomplete and inconsistent guidance and lack of enforcement of government-nonprofit grantmaking protections, to inadequate reporting of data regarding nonprofits that policymakers and nonprofits themselves need to make informed decisions. The National Council of Nonprofits endorses this legislation because it promotes a stronger partnership between charitable nonprofits and the federal government to advance the public good.” -Tim Delaney, President and CEO, National Council of Nonprofits

“United Philanthropy Forum is proud to endorse the Nonprofit Stakeholders Engaging and Advancing Together (Nonprofit SEAT) Act introduced by Representatives Mace and McCollum. The Forum supports strengthening the nonprofit sector’s ability to help government and the broader social sector work together more effectively in pursuit of shared goals that uplift communities across the country. The Nonprofit SEAT Act would give the sector a crucial voice in the federal government, allowing nonprofits a seat at the table while respecting their independence, helping make the sector and communities we serve stronger. The Forum looks forward to ensuring philanthropy does its part to help get this vital legislation passed.” -Dave Biemesderfer, President and CEO, United Philanthropy Forum



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