Black Philanthropy Month 2020

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Together SC urges our nonprofit and philanthropic allies to celebrate, amplify, and support Black Philanthropy Month 2020.

What is Black Philanthropy Month?

Black Philanthropy Month (BPM), observed every August, is a global celebration and concerted campaign to elevate African-descent giving. Created by Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland and the Pan-African Women's Philanthropy Network (PAWPNet), BPM launched in 2011 to commemorate the United Nations Year and Decade of People of African Descent. 

In 2013, Valaida Fullwood and Tracey Webb, both chroniclers of Black philanthropy, joined Copeland as co-architects, collaborating to scale up the annual campaign and invite widespread public participation.  This year's Black Philanthropy Month theme is FORESIGHT 20/20.  Learn more about the initiative here

Why is Black Philanthropy Month Critical?

Black led and Black benefitting organizations are deeply underrepresented in philanthropic giving. Long-term and significant support for those organizations are the pathway to thriving Black communities. Black Philanthropy Month is a bridgeway to map the connection.  

What Can You Do to Support Black Philanthropy Month?
  1. Follow the national conversation via social media by following the hashtags #BPM2020 & #Foresight2020 to learn more about ways to support at
  2. Raise awareness of Black Philanthropy Month by sharing their webpage, social media pages, campaigns, and events  
  3. Download the Black Philanthropy Month Participant Guide and heed its direction
  4. Amplify nationwide BPM efforts via social media using #Foresight2020 and #BPM2020
  5. Consider becoming an official BPM Sponsor or Campaign Partner for #BPM2020
What is Together SC's Commitment to Black Philanthropy Month?

Together SC will actively support Black Philanthropy Month by promoting BPM events, raising awareness of Black led and serving organizations on social media, and supporting others in their BPM activities.  We will also fully support our Black Nonprofit Leaders Group Advisory Committee in their planned activities.

Black Nonprofit Leaders Group Black Philanthropy Month Initiatives

Accelerate. Activate. Acquire: Black Giving Learning Opportunities

Accelerate Your Knowledge, Activate Your Strategy, Acquire Your Funds. These extremely tailored learning opportunities aim to drive missions that benefit Black communities by sharing technical knowledge and best practices for overcoming obstacles in major funding.

  • August 28, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - Virtual Townhall with Black Philanthropy Month Architect or ABFE Representative, guest speaker TBA  Register here

Aim Black Fridays

A facet of support is celebrating the successes of those doing the work.  We will do so through our weekly social media feature: Aim Black Fridays where we will champion individuals and/or organizations doing the work in their communities and learn how we can help further their goals.

Click here to nominate a Black-led, Black-serving organization or individual that is truly doing the work


Black Book of South Carolina Nonprofits

We are working to compile a digital Black Book of South Carolina Nonprofits which will display and advertise Black-led and Black-serving organizations.  In order to support Black led and benefitting organizations the public must be aware of them.  The creation of a centralized listing will allow audiences to indulge in Black giving easily and accessibly. 

The digital directory will thus serve as a guide for intentional Black giving and organizational support.  Fittingly the online handbook can be used to share resources and form collaborations as fellow nonprofits will discover one another and be able to more easily connect and partner.

NOTE: *(NOTE: We define a Black led and serving organization as one whose CEO or ED is Black, staff is made up of 50% or greater Black individuals; board of directors is 25% or greater Black individuals; and whose mission statement and charitable programs aim to predominantly serve Black communities and/or populations.)

Click here to add your organization to the Black Book of Nonprofits

Black Organization-Directed Funding Opportunities

These are just a few of the initiatives we seek to undertake towards a more just nonprofit sector.  As the Black Nonprofit Leaders Group continues to grow and expand so will our activities.  Learn more and join the mailing list here