2020 Census

United States 2020 CencusIt's that time again! Every 10 years, we have the "great national headcount", and in South Carolina, we have many reasons to make sure that we have an accurate count in 2020, because the Census data determines or influences:

  • The allocation of representation in Congress and the SC General Assembly.
  • Distribution of federal funding to the states. SC currently receives $7.3 Billion/year in census-allocated funds.
  • Community planning for schools and hospitals.
  • Civil rights enforcement through fair housing laws, the Voting Rights Act, etc.
  • Site selection for businesses deciding where to expand or move.
  • How other data that we all rely on are collected. The Census is the foundation for most statistics that nonprofit leaders rely on!

Participating in the Census is much like voting: It's our civic duty, it ensures communities receive the representation they're due, and the outcome has a profound impact on our communities!

For that reason, Together SC's Board of Directors has adopted the following position:

"An accurate count for the 2020 Census is vital to ensuring that South Carolina receives its fair share of resources and funding, and that nonprofits and funders have accurate information for planning their grantmaking, programs, and services. Together SC supports efforts by nonprofits, funders, and state and local governments to supplement the work of the U.S. Census Bureau to ensure that every South Carolinian is counted."

During the first half of 2020, as we prepare for Census Day (April 1, 2020), Together SC will share information and resources about the Census with the network to encourage nonprofit leaders and others in the social good sector to get involved and encourage your clients and stakeholders to participate in the Census.

Census Resources

[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]