Dylan Gunnels

Executive Director

The Agape Table

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Professional Bio

Dylan (he/him) is a local activist, community builder, and entrepreneur. He graduated from Charleston Southern University with a BA in Theology and has been in the ministry and non-profit world ever since. He is a lover of people and enjoys walking with others on their journey to discovering their true self, their true faith, and their true community. He centers his life on the freedom found in agape, and believes that Jesus is inviting us to be a part of making the world whole again. Dylan dreams of a world in which equity and inclusion are the centerpiece of community and hopes to play at least a small role in that. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Haven Home, a housing justice non-profit, and as the Outreach Coordinator at Emmaus Church. He is the Founder/Equity Designer at The Agape Table, an organization that curates sacred spaces of healing for queer people in South Carolina. Dylan is a dog dad to Samson and Delilah, a cat dad to Skene and Mila, and he cherishes the loving relationship with his partner Jack. He also spends too much money at Starbucks.


Parent: The Agape Table

Photo of Dylan Gunnels