Planning your Juneteenth celebration

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Juneteenth honors the freedom, resilience, family and legacies 

of African Americans not forgotten.


South Carolina nonprofits can support meaningful observances by partnering and collaborating with African American leaders and communities to elevate their efforts.

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Here are a few ideas to consider:   
  • Host a History of Juneteenth Educational Event: Host webinars, workshops, seminars, or panel discussions exploring Juneteenth's history and significance. Partner with the community to identify  historians, scholars, or community leaders to share insights and engage participants in meaningful, culturally appreciative conversations about African American history and the ongoing  movement for racial equity .   
  • Join with local and statewide advocacy and policy efforts that support social justice and preserving African American history and heritage.
  • Volunteer and service projects: Identify and partner with other African American-led organizations and community projects that address racial equity and social justice issues. These may include  under-represented community cleanups,  food drives, or collaborating
  • Cultural celebrations: Plan community events that showcase African American culture, music, art, and dance, including performances, art exhibitions, live music, poetry readings, and storytelling sessions. Could you use local artists, musicians, and performers to highlight the rich heritage and contributions of the African American community?   

  • Collaborate Partner with nonprofits, community organizations, or local businesses to create a collaborative Juneteenth celebration. Pooling resources, expertise, and networks can create a more significant and impactful event that reaches a broader audience.   

  • Historical tours and exhibits: Develop guided tours or presentations highlighting the local history of slavery, the Underground Railroad, or significant African American figures in South Carolina's history. Nonprofits can partner with local museums, historical sites, or educational institutions to provide educational experiences that honor the struggles and achievements of African Americans.   

  • Youth programs and workshops: Create educational programs specifically designed for young people, such as workshops, art competitions, or essay contests focusing on Juneteenth and African American history. Encourage young participants to explore their heritage, learn about historical figures, and express their creativity through various mediums.   

  • Fundraising campaigns: Use Juneteenth to raise funds for initiatives supporting racial equity and justice. Launch a specific fundraising campaign highlighting the importance of the day and its connection to ongoing efforts to address systemic inequalities.   

  • Engage with local communities: Reach out to local communities, particularly those disproportionately affected by racial injustices, and collaborate with them to organize Juneteenth events. Listen to their voices, involve community leaders, and ensure their active participation in the planning and execution of celebrations.