What Our Members Have to Say

"When we needed to make the leap from a grassroots volunteer-run effort to an incorporated 501(c)(3) with a board and a full-time director, SCANPO provided invaluable support. We constantly refer to SCANPO's Guiding Principles and Best Practices, and reach out to fellow members for counsel and support. It's been the smartest move we've made."

Kim Clifton
Executive Director

"Being a SCANPO member means we're part of a solid, strong team, all working to improve the nonprofit sector across the state. I gain valuable skills through SCANPO workshops, and love the colleagues I meet."

Anita Case
Affinity Health Center



"Orangeburg County First Steps appreciates SCANPO and Sharon Thomas for providing quality training to our local board of directors. We are confident that all of strategies presented to us will be implemented in the very near future so that we will continue to provide quality services to the children and families of Orangeburg County."

LaMyra Sanders
Executive Director
Orangeburg County First Steps

“We must recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and to this end SCANPO plays an important role for the whole sector. By participating with SCANPO, you not only are improving your agency, you are also making a contribution to the overall strength of the sector.”

Forrest Alton,
President, 1000Feathers
Former Executive Director, SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy


“I waited several years to join because I did not envision value for yet another organizational membership. I’ve been a faithful contributing SCANPO member ever since 2001. The nonprofit sector in SC is clearly stronger and more effective because SCANPO exists, and Miracle Hill, although already effective, has become much more focused and effective because of our membership.”

Reid Lehman
Retired Executive Director
Miracle Hill Ministries




"Becoming a SCANPO business partner was a no brainer.  Just access to things like organizational consultant RFPs have more than paid my tiny dues! The first RFP I responded to landed me a gig for a local organization doing a day of employee focus groups, which has now led to more work in group coaching."

Patrick Jinks
Jinks Perspective Group


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