Together. For Good. Award for Public Service

From time to time, the Together SC Board of Directors chooses to recognize outstanding individuals, nonprofits, government, collaborative, or media efforts to influence and/or develop, either singly or in partnership with others, public policy initiatives and practices that significantly improve South Carolina communities.  

This is not an award given every year, but only as the Board sees fit. This award has been given a number of different names over the years, given the first time as the "Award for Excellence in Public Service", and later as the "Together. For Good. Award for Nonprofit Advocacy", but the purpose of the award is the same: to honor someone for exemplary service to the cause of all nonprofits.

This award serves to explore, document and celebrate the variety of forms and methods used by nonprofit organizations to influence and develop public policies. The award serves to inform us and others of the significant value and benefit that nonprofit organizations bring to South Carolina when they are active players in local, state and federal public policy development.

The honorees have been:

Rep. Joel Lourie
Rep. James Smith
Sen. Darrell Jackson

Sen. Verne Smith
Nelson Mullins Riley and Scarborough, LLP

Sen. Linda Short

Dr. John Ruoff

Sen. Verne Smith - Public Service Lifetime Achievement Award (Posthumous)

Sen. Ray Cleary - Together. For Good. Advocacy Award

Betty Plumb - Together. For Good. Advocacy Award

Fred R. Sheheen - Together. For Good.Public Service Lifetime Achievement Award (Posthumous)


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