Frequently Asked Questions

After a few years, Together SC staff have begun to see some patterns in the questions we are asked for technical assistance. We are glad to present our Frequently Asked Questions, as a first-stop for the inquiring nonprofit leader. We’ll keep updating this page, as we come up with new questions and solutions.

Is your question not here? Contact our staff, particularly our member services manager, who will be glad to help.


  1. What should my first steps be before starting a new nonprofit organization?
  2. Does Together SC provide assistance filling out Form 1023?
  3. Are there any pro bono attorneys who can assist with filing for a 501(c)(3) status?
  4. What are the steps for dissolving a nonprofit?


  1. How should I format my nonprofit’s bylaws?
  2. How do I recruit new board members to my nonprofit?
  3. How can I work with the board to transition into staff taking over most of the day-to-day operations?
  4. Should the executive director of a nonprofit be an employee or an independent contractor?
  5. Can the Board of Directors vote by email?
  6. Can employees serve on nonprofit boards?
  7. Can spouses or family members of Board or staff serve on boards?


  1. What is charitable immunity?
  2. What kind of insurance does our organization need?
  3. How can I make an independent financial audit less expensive?
  4. What is a Professional Employer Organization, and how do I use it in my organization?
  5. What is the best software solution for Customer/Client Relations Management (CRM)?
  6. Our CEO just resigned. Should we consider hiring an Interim CEO?
  7. Are nonprofits allowed to claim a sales tax exemption?
  8. How does my nonprofit organization comply with new overtime regulations?
  9. How do I attach value to volunteer time?
  10. Is my nonprofit required to provide maternity leave?
  11. At what point does a nonprofit have to contribute to South Carolina's Worker's Compensation and Unemployment Insurance coverage?


  1. What form do you have to fill out in order to solicit funds in South Carolina?
  2. Can you tell me more about charitable raffles and are they legal?
  3. Is it legal to "take friendly bets" on sporting events at a fundraising event?


  1. How do I correctly incorporate advocacy into my organization?


  1. How often should I post on social media?
  2. How can I use stories to change systems?


  1. How do I join Together SC, and what are the membership fees?
  2. What makes a program or organization in South Carolina a “Best Practice” (not “Evidence-Based Practice”) organization? And, what qualifications must a program meet to be considered “Best Practice”?
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