How can I work with the board to transition into staff taking over most of the day-to-day operations?
Answered by: Ben Bullock

In every organization’s life cycle, there is a time where the organization grows to a point that the board must hire staff to continue its mission. However, it can be difficult for the board to properly delegate to and empower their staff to manage the operations of the organization within the policies, goals, and priorities defined by the board.

Perhaps the most important step your board can take to begin the process of “letting go” is to develop a strategic plan. This plan would articulate the organization’s mission and vision and would set specific goals and priorities, which give you as the lead staff something by which to be measured.

Once the board is used to the idea of focusing more on strategic thinking and goal-setting, they should become more comfortable with the idea of letting staff handle the day-to-day operations (like deciding the color of T-shirts), instead of requiring all decisions to be made by committee. 

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