How should I format my nonprofit’s bylaws?
Answered by: Ben Bullock

Nonprofit by-laws should be simple. Here’s a link to GrantSpace’s definitions.

They should outline the name and mission of the organization, describe the board of directors and how they are elected, what their terms of office are, how often they should meet, and how they are to be removed from office and for what reasons. The officers of the organization, their duties and means of selection and removal would be next. Then, any standing committees would be detailed, and then general provisions detailing check signing authority, conflict of interest, contract signing authority, etc.

SCANPO’s bylaws are a good template, though you may need to remove some sections that deal with membership (and the president if you do not have a paid staff member. And if you are a volunteer organization, the president and board chair would be the same.)

You should also familiarize yourself with the SC Nonprofit Corporation Act.