Can the Board of Directors vote by email?
Answered by: Sharon Thomas

Email voting is a complicated issue. It may be technically legal in SC, but it has the potential to create problems. This article from Blue Avocado goes into to great detail on the matter.

Roberts Rules of Order (11th Edition) does provide for “electronic meetings” but still takes a dim view of email voting. Essentially, for email voting to be properly conducted, the motion must be in writing, clearly explained, and the agreement must be unanimous, and then ratified at the next physical meeting. This is really only useful for true emergency situations.

The reason it is discouraged is that decision-making by email discourages discussion, and encourages members to simply “rubber-stamp” it. For a good meeting, even an “electronic meeting”, there should be “simultaneous aural communication among all participating members equivalent to those meetings held in one room or area.” Emails do not provide this.