Steps to Starting a Nonprofit


Does SCANPO provide assistance filling out Form 1023?
Answered by: Ben Bullock

We do not provide that level of assistance. There are so many individuals seeking to start a nonprofit organization that we simply do not have the capacity required to help everyone. One thing we also consider is that over half of startup nonprofits fail in the first two years; thus, it is difficult for us to justify offering direct assistance.

The best advice we can give is to get a good core group of people who have the time, talent, AND money to build the organization with you, and to make sure that you do not attempt to duplicate the efforts of an existing organization.

The two biggest reasons startups fail is because one person tries to do everything, and because they cannot raise money, as individuals prefer to donate to older, established organizations with a history and record of impact. Donors will sometimes support new ideas or interventions but are loath to support a new organization doing the same thing as an old organization; they’d rather donate to the old organization.

Please check out the start-up guide offered by the National Council of Nonprofits and our new Before You Start A Nonprofit page on the SCANPO website.