Steps to Starting a Nonprofit


What should my first steps be before starting a new nonprofit organization?
Answered by: Ben Bullock

Starting a new nonprofit organization can be a long and difficult process, and it can take years before a new organization can have the capacity to effect real change.

We always recommend that folks looking to start a new organization make sure that there is no existing organization in their area doing the work that they want to do, but also make sure that they have the resources, and a broad base of support by the community.

Nonprofits are never an individual effort, and MUST be started by a group of individuals working together, supported by the community.

Be sure to visit the "Before You Start a Nonprofit" section on our website where you can watch a webinar regarding the steps you will need to think through as you plan your new nonprofit.  There are also great links to the various places you will need to visit to find the forms necessary to get your nonprofit registered at the state and federal levels.

Finally The National Council of Nonprofits also offers a very good step-by-step guide.