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Together SC values those whose services also help to strengthen South Carolina's nonprofit community.

We offer a "Business Partner" membership as a way to connect consultants, nonprofit and for-profit service providers, and others who wish to work closely with South Carolina's leading nonprofits. Member benefits for Business Partners are designed to provide opportunities and services that will strengthen relationships. 



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* Dues & Benefits Chart

* Dues & Benefits Explanation

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Together SC Sponsor Testimonials 

"It was Together SC - the Summit exactly - that provided the occasion to meet, connect, and ultimately engage for this project. For that, I'm very grateful to all of you! I am very proud and thankful to be a business partner of Together SC"

Mark Cruise
Founder & President

"Becoming a Together SC business partner was a no brainer. Just access to things like organizational consultant RFPs have more than paid my tiny dues! The first RFP I responded to landed me a gig for a local organization doing a day of employee focus groups, which has now led to more work in group coaching."

Patrick Jinks


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