Giving Tuesday

On Tuesday, Nov. 28, a growing global nonprofit celebration took over the Internet and thousands across our state were involved. While #GivingTuesday is a worldwide giving campaign, it starts right in our own backyard and your Together SC team stands ready to help celebrate and promote your efforts.

We highlighted our members who took part in 2017 #GivingSC and have created this webpage to help provide resources to make your future #GivingTuesday campaign as successful as possible.

While we are still working to compile the 2017 data for the #GivingSC campaign, #GivingTuesday reports that nationally over 1,640,000 gifts were given, $177,000,000 dollars were raised online in over 94 countries.




Storytelling and Marketing for #GivingSC on #GivingTuesday
Join the national experts from #GivingTuesday, to hear how you can easily create a campaign on Nov. 28 as a great kickoff to the giving season. We'll review how to identify and tell a great story and build your marketing for the big day, including both traditional and social media.

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Last Chance Webinar!
Even when Halloween is behind us, you can carry that sugar rush into November as we hit the 4-week countdown to the launch of the giving season — starting with #GivingTuesday. In this webinar, we'll review the last-minute strategies you can focus on to have a great #GivingTuesday.

Missed out on this webinar? View the recording here


Take a listen to this Thank You webinar from the good folks at #GivingTuesday... "The Gift is Just the Beginning”



Is Giving Tuesday Helping or Hurting Fundraising?

It’s been five years since the first Giving Tuesday, and as fundraisers are celebrating its highest returns ever, the cracks are beginning to show.

Our research is revealing a not-so-attractive side to Giving Tuesday, one which could turn this innovative fundraiser into just another ask at the end of a long year of solicitations. This comment sums up a rising sentiment:

"On Giving Tuesday, my wife and I received 17 appeals from not-for-profits to which we are current or recent donors. Only 2 thanked us for our past gifts (some of those gifts were made very recently). Many of these causes had budgets in the $50 Million range, with fully developed Donor Relations programs. All of them used systems that could easily segregate their donors. For us, Giving Tuesday has become just another way that we are bombarded. We are very disappointed and reconsidering our future support."

Giving Tuesday may be falling into the trap of focusing only on the money, when raising money in conjunction with mindfulness about the diverse groups of donors who fund not-for-profits is so essential...

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Being connected helps us support one other on #GivingTuesday and every day. Be sure to connect your organization through social media so we can all lift each other up, together!


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  • #GivingSC - SC's own unique hashtag to showcase our part in the global movement
  • #GivingTuesday - The official campaign hashtag
  • #TogetherSC - Let everyone know you're an ally for good.
  • #TogetherWeGive - Together, we are stronger.



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