Jermaine Singletary

CEO, Binding Ties, inc.

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Professional Bio

Jermaine Singletary is a dedicated leader in his community. With over 16 years as an
educator and 13 years as the CEO of Binding Ties Inc., a local non-profit, Jermaine is
making a positive difference in the lives of our youth. In addition to classroom experience, Jermaine has had the opportunity of touring the US as a lyrical entertainer and public speaker. Despite the many accolades and awards presented to Jermaine, he bases his accomplishments by how many individuals and youth he is able to assist. Jermaine received his B.S. Degree in Business from Voorhees College and his Masters in Divergent Learning from Columbia College. Some people think of making a difference, while others talk about making a difference. Jermaine believes in being the difference! He believes that, “With A Mind of Opportunity, Anything’s Possible! We can’t sit around waiting for someone else to make a change. We have got to be that someone else!" Binding Ties Inc. has been recognized as “The Best Life Changing Non-Profit” and Jermaine strives each day to continue that tradition.
Photo of Jermaine Singletary


Voorhees College 1995

BS Business

Columbia College 2012

Master's Divergent Learning


1991 Best Hip Hop Music Award

1995 Winner of Black Male Showcase

1997 Poetry Contest Winner

2009 Teacher Of The Year

2009-Current Outstanding Non-Profit In Schools

2011 Recognized As Outstanding Community Leader

2014 Gospel Artist Award

2017 Invited Guest of The Steve Harvey Show

2017-2018 Best Life Changing Non-Profit Award

2020 Just Plain Folks Best Gospel Song Nominee

Volunteer Work

Volunteer of Big Homie Lil Homie Mentor Program

CEO of Binding Ties

Volunteer with Homeless Organizations

Youth Corps

Academy For Success

The Lupus Liar

Vertnie Records

Areas of Expertise

Executive Management (ED/CEO)