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Organization Overview

We help Organizations develop social-emotional competence (Emotional intelligence) to improve well-being and relieve stress

Our goal is not to teach anything new but to maximize what you already know. Our engaging, practical, and relevant professional development sessions take a person-first approach to evidence-based assessment

Borrowing tenants from Asset-Based Community Development, we focus on uncovering and highlighting the talents, tools, strengths, resources, and opportunities that exist within a community to strengthen the community.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve had the opportunity to serve Schools, Universities, and Corporations with our person-first approach to professional development.

At SEL Educators, we believe that social-emotional learning is just as important is critical to personal & professional success.

Our Promise

- Assess Organizational Social-Emotional Competence and track growth over time
- Deliver evidence-based SEL PD Opportunities for staff members
- Create Personal and School-Wide professional development plans
- Analyze team (Professional Learning Community) dynamics and adaptability
- In-person, and self paced online resources for continued support and enrichment
Photo of SEL Educators

Areas of Expertise

Human Resources, Program Management