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Quickbooks Made Easy!!!

Posted By Meagan Tarnow, Quickbooks Made Easy, Thursday, August 17, 2017

The first time I heard Gregg Bossen speak, at a conference for QuickBooks ProAdvisors where he was schooling a room full of accountants on how best to use QuickBooks with their nonprofit clients, I tweeted out on the conference app, “I’m going to give this man a megaphone!!!”

I may have used a few more exclamation points.

And I’m sure Gregg never knew, because the amount of time he seems to spend on social media is pretty close to zero.

The reason for my excitement was that Gregg was the first accountant on the national stage who used QuickBooks the way I thought it should be used. Other people focused on setting up the data file in a way that lined up directly with the 990 – resulting in account headings like Indirect Public Support (what?!?). Gregg was the only one who prioritized the needs of the people who were actually using the information on a daily basis – the management and Board.

(Later I found out that the reason Gregg “agreed with me” was that he was responsible for a lot of my opinions in the first place. When I first decided to specialize in nonprofits back in 2000, I purchased and studied a pair of CDs from Real World Training called “Using QuickBooks in Nonprofits.” Turns out that curriculum was written by none other than Gregg Bossen.)

When I learned that Gregg would be doing his live training near me (well, near-ish. The training was in Chicago, and I live in Saint Paul. But that counts as near for a girl raised in Montana), I signed right up. In part, I wanted to check it out – see if he knew what he was talking about, whether he was full of baloney, or giving solid advice.

Several entertaining, informative hours later, I had my answer. The training was time and money well-spent. Even though I had been using QuickBooks exclusively with nonprofits for more than fifteen years, I walked away with some great new ideas, as well as a renewed commitment to my initial impulse to “give this man a megaphone.” I started campaigning to bring his live training to Minnesota, and a year later, we filled the room.

With the live seminar in Columbia, SC coming up no matter where you live South Carolina, the drive is shorter than mine was to Chicago. And whether you are new to QuickBooks and want to do things right, trying to clean up an inherited “mess”, or an old dog like me who thinks she knows all the tricks, I’m convinced you’ll find the training worth your time.

Meagan Tarnow

Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Account Manager with QuickBooks Made Easy
Principal at The Mobius Group

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