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As portions of the economy reopen, the government and businesses are returning to a new normal.  Nonprofits and philanthropic organizations will soon follow suit. However, as an industry rooted in human service and a duty to do no harm, nonprofit and philanthropic leaders have a weighty responsibility to: 1) ensure their teams (including boards) are safe, informed, and engaged; and 2) protect the health and well-being of their stakeholders while fulfilling their pledge to serve.
Expert guidance and resources to help organizations and leaders resiliency-plan in order to emerge viable on the other side.

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  • Maintaining Organizational Health Through Culture During COVID-19 - Description: explore how you can make sense of the ambiguous circumstance that you are currently facing; available on demand; FREE
  • Part II: CARES Act and Implications for Nonprofits - Description: additional guidance on PPP forgiveness, self-insured unemployment, alternative funding sources, PPP certifications, PPP forgiveness estimation case study; available on demand; FREE
    • Rebooting and Managing After COVID-19 - Description: topics include: what does re-entry back to the office look like for employees and the organization? what preparation do you need to do for the fall in the event we have a reoccurrence? where is the revenue coming from in your business model and the risks involved? what behaviors will you change within your finance team to provide insight into producing nimble “what if” scenarios for better crisis preparedness? ; available on demand; FREE
    • Returning to Work in the COVID-19 Environment: Strategies for Protecting Employee Health - Description: this webinar explains the types of COVID-19 testing available and how testing can be used to help protect the health of your employees and clients; covers: COVID-19 virus testing, a deep dive into antibody testing, infrared temperature testing, engaging a third-party vendor for testing, alternatives to on-site testing; available on demand; FREE
    • Small Business Recovery Starts Now - Description: this webinar covers how recovery requires a grassroots community level effort, why small business owners take a lead role in disaster recovery, how you can help yourself and others get through tough times and on to better days; available on demand; FREE

    Embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices Into Your Reopening


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